Day One

Well, it's about bloody time, right?

Recently, my old website keeled over, gasped a few times, and expired.  So I thought it might be time to create a new one.  So, here it be.


Recently, I've been playing out live in Nashville, with singers Jaime Babbitt and Jaimee Paul.  Jaime rocks Rock and Jaimee rocks Jazz. Both are execptional performers and wonderful people.

My most exciting recent recording project has been with Mr. Frank Hernandez.  Having spent many years in the world of opera and classical singing, he wanted to venture into a crossover style (popera?).  He chose three country classics to re-imagine in this style.  It was my privilege to create the arrangements and perform the piano parts for Frank.  The project was produced by my friend Fred Mollin, and the orchestrations were done by Gordon Goodwin. As you can hear from the posted excerpts, Frank is an amazing singer and the arrangements came out beautifully.  Extra bonus for me:  I conducted members of the Nashville Symphony and the Nashville Session Strings.  And they didn't laugh (at least not to my face).

I also have been working on arrangements for Darlene Koldenhoven and am about to begin new work with Paul dAdamo and several other singer/songwriters.  

In other words, I'm busy.  This is good; it keeps me from having too much time to worry about not working.

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Welcome to  Y'all come back now, hear?  (Cue banjo...)

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