•  Judd Fuller, "Swampy's Grill"
  • honky-tonk piano, recording, mix  (vocal: Matt Dame)
  • Judd Fuller, "Apples to the Ground"
  • recording, mix   (vocal: Matt Dame)

  • Judd Fuller, "Hammer and Nail"
  • recording, mix (vocal:  Matt Dame)
  • Elisa Fiorillo, "Somebody Told Me So"
  • composer  (w/ Elisa Fiorillo),  arranger, keyboards, recording
  • Star Academy, "Hit the Road, Jack"
  • arrangement, keyboards, vocal  (w/Kate Karkowitz), recording
  • Brad Cole, "Gather Ye Rosebuds"
  • composer, track, vocal
  • Brad Cole, "Every Night"
  • composer, track, vocal  (guitar: Bob Mann)
  • Arnold McCuller, "The Surest Things Can Change"
  • arrangement, keyboards, recording
  • Genesis, "Wot Gorilla"
  • arrangement, big-band mockup, recording

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